Mohawk-John Woods (aciel) wrote in future_liberals,
Mohawk-John Woods

Speech on Virginia Tech and School Violence

Hi everyone,

I guess I'm not really a "future" liberal anymore so much as a current progressive, though no doubt I'll still be one in ten years.

I just wanted to share with you all a speech I gave at the University of Texas today. I graduated from Virginia Tech last May, three weeks after the shooting, and I lost a lot of close friends. I'm now a graduate student at UT.

The speech:

I'd also like to point you to the memorial pages for the victims:

The things I talked about are issues nationwide, not just in Virginia and Texas. Too few U.S. states participate in reporting information on felons and dangerous people to the FBI's background check system. These systems save lives.

If you would, please link to the speech and biographies in other communities (progressive and conservative). Keeping guns out of the hands of the so-called bad guys is an American value. We have a right to feel safe in our schools.
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