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The Obama elitist myth

The Obama is an elitist myth that has been circling the media for a few days.

The GOP has done the same thing every four years. I can still remember Hannity shouting outraged "He drinks green tea!" as that by itself made Kerry an unacceptable president. Lipton actually sells green tea in locations as American as Iowa, or Kansas. Hell - Bush, watch out. I hear green tea is all the rage in Texas nowadays.

Obama is apparently an elitist because he's Ivy-educated and lives in a million dollar house in Chicago. He's an elitist because he doesn't hunt, or maybe it's because he is against the war.

This is coming from a party who's president went to Yale, who's own father was president and who was a millionare right out of school. McCain's wife, Cyndi, actually belongs to the family that owns the million dollar business: Heinz ketchup. McCain lives on a million dollar ranch in Arizona.

What's worse is that the Democratic elite, Ms. Clinton included, are eating their young and calling Obama an elitist. Where did you go to college, Ms. Clinton? I'm pretty sure it was an Ivy as well. Ms. Clinton is also saying what an elitist Obama is because, get this, he's anti-gun. In her own book she details the success over a gun control law that was passed when Bill was in office.

Obama is actually the poorest candidate. He's very wealthy, by any standards, but his money is nothing against the other two candidates. And humble, American beginnings? His father was a poor Kenyan immigrant and his mother wasn't exactly the richest girl from Kansas.

Papa Bush made a phone call and got into Yale. Obama worked his ass off to get into Harvard- and really, what's more American and real then working hard to succeed?


This was orignally posted on my blog, under18politics.blogspot.com , just started. Looking for other writers.
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