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The common ideals of right, wrong, good, bad are derived from simple and petty deviations in the human perception of positive and negative scenarios from ages long past. These ideals have evolved into the current state of western civilization. Due process, monetary systems, proliferation of technology and information.

Liberalism is widely misunderstood and thus considered a misguided, anarchist outlook on politics and living. This is not true by any means. The New Liberalism is a system of thought based on doing what needs to be done to ensure the advancement of life, knowledge, technology, health and happiness. Liberalism is a counter to the all too common self-serving nature of Republican and Democratic political views. The New Liberalism does not serve directly to business, money, industry, or any one group of persons. Rather, The New Liberalism aims to distribute equal benefit to all people across the globe. Curiosity is rewarded and attrition is staved off. Science plays a large role in New Liberalism as it serves to gain the most benefit from human study. The creation of new living methods advances health and knowledge and is never followed solely for its marketing potential.

In New Liberalism, the almighty dollar is no longer the human slavemaster. If you ever thought society needs change, this community is open to you.


We are an open-minded group of thinkers, dreamers and innovators who aim to remove intellectual opression and free the human mind to explore the world in which we all live. Please contribute by posting your thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Keep in mind however, disrespect will be dealt with quickly. A difference in opinion is not harassment. Disagreement is a vital part of community and displays thought. Mindless flaming and harassment however, does not and will not be tolerated.